Bunker Labs is proud to welcome our first cohort of Veterans in Residence since joining Syracuse University’s D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF). These 110 entrepreneurs will spend the next 10 weeks going from ideation or early start up and working toward growth as they acquire basic skills necessary for entrepreneurship, and validate their ideas in the marketplace.  

We’re so excited to meet all the new cohort members, and encourage you to help us congratulate all the new members of the Bunker Labs family and see who you might be able to help.  

Meet the 24A Veterans in Residence Cohort Members

Jennifer Adam, Simyli 

Montez Alford, CORT Collaboration of Resources & Technology LLC 

Jennifer Apgar, 2xmybiz.com Marketing 

Tony Arce, TFOCB – The Face of Community & Business 

Chandler Archuleta, Crooz Coaching

Skye Bailey, Brooklyn B.A.R. Productions, LLC 

Justin Bartlett, Blunch 

Willie Bass Jr., The WC Group 

Joel Belton, Ice of the Pines & Codename Purple 

Kent Bey, Project Love Coalition 

Marella Big Mountain, rightnextdoor.com 

Olivia Bowen, Smiles By: Olivia 

Harold Bowser, Simple2Clean, LLC 

Joshua Bozeman, 9 Parabellum Stones Media 

Joey Brown, Wonder System Marketing 

Matthew Carr, Optimal Outcomes 

Markel Carroll, Fedology LLC 

Ty Carson, WorkSphere 

Monica Charlot, 5 Senses Caribbean LLC 

Jonathan Cleck, Clexi LLC 

Dawn V Collins, Birth Matters b/c Family Matters™ LLC

Rhonda Cory, The Branded Board 

Rick Cruz, Consolimate 

Tracy Daniel-Ukinamemen, Connect Healthcare 

Kimberly Davis, Black Butterfly Creations LLC 

Derrick Davis, LIT LED Solutions LLC 

James Dewitt, Poplar LLC 

Renee Dickerson, Her Services Matters 

Damion DiGrazia, SDVO Technology Services 

Shawn Dominik, StF Custom Baits 

Orighoye Dore, Chef Nylah 

Anna Drake, Military Overseas Birth and Family Center 

Stanley Edmond, Humanity to the Rescue (HTTR) 

Alphonso Edwards II, AEII Designs 

Joseph Esplin, Hommati #258 

Dave Esra, Bobi, Inc. 

La Terrance French, Lazy Lister LLC 

Jennifer Garrett, Elevate Your Hustle 

Basso Ghee, GD Resources LLC 

Luana Goss, Yonder Imaging 

Gerald Griffith, Corridor Publishing 

Brian Guillen, Forged Fathers 

Kenneth Guinn, HEMPPowered Performance 

Ericka Hopkins, Ricky’s Stationary Shoppe 

Justin Horton, Outland Recruiting LLC 

Brian Ingram, GR8T Design 

Charles Irving Stokes III, The Deborah Lockwood Company 

Imoni Jenkins, iesj 

Barbara G Jones, Africa Business International 

Thomas Jones, Foundation 

Kaspars Jurjans, Sveiks Cowboy 

Douglas Katz, Redleg Innovation 

Todd Keyser, B Prepared 

John Kritzer, Kritz Blue Line LLC 

Jorie Ann Labonte, Jorie Ann Labonte 

Hemalatha Lingamaneni, BookEase 

Shanyse Lingham, Shanyse Lingham 

Larissa Martinez, Sweet Girl Ice 

Mark Matthew Steils, Gluten Free Steils 

Timothy May, Mayhue Holdings 

Morad Mclah, GAGD 

Jasmine Mclaurin, Jasmine inventions 

Ashleigh McNair, Muse Studio Co. 

Erika Mendoza-Montez, Modern Mailers 

Shawn Michael Harbert, 5 Delta Enterprises 

Mark Milhouse, Watch My Page, LLC 

Yolanda Monahan, YoBandz, LLC 

Timothy Montjoy, Montjoy App, LLC 

Cornelia Murphy-House, 3Maries, Inc. 

Michael Murray, Authored, LLC 

James Nash, Uncle J’s Coaching 

Yohance Omar Nelson, Slabulous BBQ Sauce 

Cassidy Nolan, Mach 1 Hot Sauce 

LaTrease Price-Gistard, ACI Mortgage LLC 

Marco Prima, Prima Etchworks 

Grant Rogers, Maven Scouts 

Alonzo Roscoe Wright, Garden’s Harvest Media Co. 

Zigmund Rubel, Forsight Digital, Inc. 

Thalya Sant’Anna, Luta Homes 

Emilie Schario, Turbine 

Edward Sean Lanier, Resolve Solutions Incorporated 

Alex Sebby, Words of Veterans 

Irvin Shell, Ifi Heritage Center Inc. 

Scott Showers, Rolla Woodworks 

Rashanda Siska, High Pressure Designs 

Jerrod Smith, LoneStar Valor Funding 

Milcah Ssebbowa, Precious Prosper Enterprise 

Tim Swaney, Watchur6 

Ann-Marie Talley, The Art & Butta Unboxing Experience 

Dierdre Tinsley, The Sweetest Spot 

Jeevan Traboulay, G.I.V.E (Great Individuals Value Everyone) 

Latasha Turner, The Peace Bridge 

Ikem Uge, BagSpace LLC 

Frederick Ward, I Handy Man Serve 

Krystal Waters Howard, Sky Krystal Krafts 

Rodney West-Estell, Arzita’s 

Linda Williams, Groove and Move 

Ruebin Williams, Resolution 2 Realty 

Roberta Wilson, Pop-Up Bites 

Jasper Woods, J&M Woods Transportation LLC 

Nancy Zellers, RESPECT DEI 

Ideation-Phase Cohort Members 

Some of the new Veterans in Residence members are still in early ideation phase, and don’t have their company’s concept fully worked out just yet. The program will give them all the skills they need to recognize entrepreneurial opportunities in the market and develop them so they’re ready to launch and start generating revenue. We’re excited to help them choose their path at this first step on their entrepreneurial journey! 

Phillip Bouyer, Joshua Brooks, Shawn Dickens, Lydiah Owiti, Sonia Padilla, Katherine Phillips, Chanesha Scott, Joseph Shaw, Andre Thomas, Kathryn Vicks, Gabriel Woodman 

Build Your Business in 10 Weeks! 

Are you a veteran or military spouse ready to launch or grow your business? Veterans in Residence (ViR) is an interactive 10-week virtual program for founders in the early stages of launching or coming up with the idea for their business. You’ll learn from some of Syracuse University’s best from the comfort of your own home, gaining the necessary skills for a successful, sustainable career in entrepreneurship. Fill out an interest form today and make that business dream a reality!