A startup business program for veteran-
and military spouse-owned businesses

Ready to Launch?

Welcome to the new Veterans in Residence program! Beginning spring 2024, Bunker Labs Veterans in Residence program and the D’Aniello Institute for Veteran and Military Families EBV-Spark combined for a 10-week business startup program that provides veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools they need to grow their business.

Launching a business can feel like a monumental effort just to get that first sale, let alone grow. What would happen if you dedicated 10-weeks to focus on the fundamentals need to launch and move forward? What would happen if you joined a community of like-minded veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs also working to take the next big step to launch a business?

Let’s find out together.

Apply for IVMF’s Bunker Labs Veterans in Residence today to start working toward your business’s tomorrow.

Meet the Current Cohort

We are proud to present the newest Veterans in Residence cohort, 24A. We are excited to go on this journey with our new entrepreneurs, so without further ado, we present the Veterans in Residence 24A Cohort members.



Veterans and military spouses developing a new business to launch within the next 6 – 12 months.


A comprehensive educational program with tactical, practical activities and resources geared to entrepreneurs with an idea and a passion to build that idea into a business.


Virtual weekly live webinars addressing the foundations of your new business with live office hours to focus on specific challenges and questions.


Three cohorts each year, one weekly evening webinar, and three opportunities to speak with Subject Matter Experts.


To bring the most important business startup topics to you, saving you time and resources as you develop your idea into a profitable business.

“The Veterans in Residence program prepped me on how to properly articulate my business idea in a pitch and in conversational networking. Bunker Labs helped put our organization on the map at a national level which led to sponsorships, grants and endless opportunities within the veteran community. ”
Robyn Grable

Founder & CEO, Veterans ASCEND

“Thank you Bunker Labs for the incredible mentoring, support, connections, and ecosystem. Being in the Veterans in Residence program was precisely what my business needed to take flight! ”
James A. Samuel Jr.

Founder & CEO, AnjelTech

Since starting in Veterans in Residence, my business has grown from a couple of agents to 32 and we are set to have $1 Million dollars in revenue by the end of the year, which is our first full year of being in business… It’s been so great, as a startup, to have other people in the space to talk to. It’s been invaluable.
Nadia Anac

CEO of Company

Why Veterans in Residence

The new Veterans in Residence program supports Bunker Labs and IVMF to expand and enhance the impact of your entrepreneurial success and draws on the strengths of both programs to achieve that goal.

When you join Veterans in Residence, you have more than an entrepreneurial endeavor in common—you have a common ethos, shaped by a common experience. Hit the ground running with a community that never gives up, no matter the challenge.

Presenting Partners

This program is made possible in part by Capital One, ADP & Robinhood.