Learn the money basics you need to know to
keep your business afloat

Course Overview


Finance 101:

Learn why separating business finances from personal finances is wise. Explore goal setting, budgeting and how to start saving. Got debt? Learn how to deal with debt and how to add additional income to reach your financial goals.


Step into Entrepreneurship:

Learn how to make the transition to entrepreneurship while keeping money in mind every step of the way.


PCS-Proof Your Business:

Moves are inevitable in the military. Learn more about the benefits of having a portable business and how to set up your business for lifestyle changes from the beginning.


The number one reason small businesses fail is cash flow. In fact, cash flow is a factor in 82% of small business closings, according to the SBA.

It doesn’t matter how much revenue you earn if you can’t manage it—a business with millions in revenue can end up with zero profit, or in debt, if they don’t set business and financial goals, and create and stick to a budget.

This course teaches active duty, veteran, and military spouse founders financial basics to increase their business’s chance of success.

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