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What People are Saying

Tommy Crane Interview from Bunker Labs on Vimeo.

Tommy Crane
Co-Founder, Brand LLC

Paul Burton Testimonial“Having joined the inaugural Bunker class, I feel that it is now part of how I do business. The Bunker has been helpful to me and my businesses in numerous ways, more than I can accurately identify. The Bunker organization is a top tier connector, full stop. It can connect an innovative startup business to whatever resource it may need. Whether that is angel investors or the best lawyers for startups. It is all at the Bunker and a lot more. As an old U.S. Army Infantry Officer, I find the camaraderie and the willingness of my fellow members to assist one another as the most cherished aspect of being a part of the Bunker! The help is great, but it is really the sense of community that is fostered by selfless service to one another that is so appealing.”

Proudly Incubated by the Bunker

Paul Burton, J.D., M.B.A.
CEO, ResQ Pharma

Kaney Oneil Bunker Labs Testimonial“For me The Bunker has been a place to mentally ‘plug-in’ where I can ‘download ideas’ to help spur my growth and develop my management skills. The other energizing benefit is the cohort of other vets who are just as driven to succeed and who are always willing to step up as thought partners. Getting out of the daily grind and taking the time to work on my business has reminded me on a weekly basis how exciting it is to be an entrepreneur.”

Kaney O’Neill
CEO, O’Neill Contractors

Jennifer Padowa Gallagher Bunker Labs Testimonial“Bunker Labs Philadelphia provides me an extraordinary opportunity as a woman in technology, as an entrepreneur, as an early-stage startup to be surrounded with individuals, not just any individuals, with veterans who have incredibly strong characteristics as individuals – their work ethic, their commitment, their dedication as often unfounded – and I’m fortunate to be surrounded by these incredible people.”

Jennifer Padowa Gallagher
Founder, GoPaperboy

Michael Keppen Bunker Labs Testimonials“I found The Bunker while still on active duty at Great Lakes Naval Station, and have not stopped going. My network and profile has grown substantially and I’ve developed relationships and friendships that will last an indefinite amount of time. I’m learning more about the business space and feel better prepared to climb any mountain and overcome any hurdle. Simply put, the guys at The Bunker create the space where magic happens!”

Michael Keppen
Founder, Thrive Project of America

Chuck Anderson 200x200Death From A Bun would be dead in the water if it wasn’t for Bunker Labs [Nashville]. Blake and the team at the EC have made resources available that I didn’t even know I needed when I started the Bunker program. But the most important part of the Bunker isn’t the resources they put in front of you, it’s the other veterans that sit with you once a week and share their highs and lows and success and failures. Knowing there are other veteran business owners like you gives you a sense of security. The brothers I’ve made at the Bunker over beers and ideas are what I’ll never forget.”

Chuck Anderson
Founder, Death From A Bun

Rod Rakic OpenAirplane Testimonials“The Bunker has been a force multiplier for OpenAirplane. The team here has been tireless in connecting us to opportunities and we’re learning a lot. Being here has been an important signal to industry, the press, and potential investors. We’re proud to be part of it.”

Rod Rakic
CEO and Founder, OpenAirplane

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