Your Ambassadors | Tampa

Contact these individuals if you have any questions about the Tampa Community or Bunker Labs in general. 

Featured Cohort Member

Felicia Pecora

Doer Academy | Veterans in Residence 21A

Felicia has over 20 years of experience in combat skills training, almost two decades in law enforcement and as an Army Veteran. Since founding the Doer Academy, Inc., she has helped schools, government organizations, and private corporations improve organizational safety. She brings a holistic approach and goes beyond teaching how to respond to the worst day of your life.

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Bunker Labs Programs 

These are the bunker labs programs available in The Cigar City.

Veterans in Residence

Learn with your team

CEO Circle

Join an elite group of leaders

Bunker Connect

Make meaningful connections

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Community News | Tampa

This community is waiting on its next big piece of news. While you’re waiting, why not read about what Bunker Labs is doing across the Nation.

Community Events | Tampa

There are currently no events scheduled for this community. Please check again later, or contact your ambassadors if you’d like to help host an event or get an existing event onto the schedule.

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