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Bliss Transit

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Bliss Transit

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Bliss Transit is a B2B Commuting-as-a-Service (“CaaS”) solutions provider, focused exclusively on delivering transportation services to companies in need of commuting solutions for their employees. Bliss designs and operates two complimentary systems, each of which can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. 1) The Bliss Express is a system of dedicated luxury commuter shuttles and private park and ride stations. Modern, Wi-Fi-enabled 25-seat shuttles, designed to enhance comfort and productivity, transport employees with 30+ minute commutes directly to your office from Park and Ride stations strategically located in the neighborhoods where large numbers of your employees live. 2) The Bliss Rail Extender is a private “Last Mile” shuttle, transporting employees that want to commute via the MetroRail, but can’t due to the distance between the MetroRail station and your office.

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Robert Dicks
Robert DicksCoFounder & CEO