WeWork’s Veterans in Residence program is a national effort in partnership with Bunker Labs aimed at assisting US military veterans and their family members to pursue their life’s work. If you have started and are building a business it offers the community and services you need to create your life’s work.

Meet the WeWork Veterans in Residence
Hear how WeWork’s Veterans in Residence program empowers you to find your tribe and create your life’s work.

Find your Mission

Mother. Father. Leader. Entrepreneur. Veteran. Watch how veterans in the WeWork Veterans in Residence powered by Bunker Labs community are finding their next mission after service.

Finding Your Mission: Randy Sarmiento

Founder & CEO, Eagle 1 CPR

Finding Your Mission: Mike Steadman

Founder & CEO, Ironbound Boxing

Finding Your Mission: Nancy Preston

Founder & CEO, Milk Money Kitchens

Create your life’s work

Jasmine Czarnecki

Community Lead, WeWork

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato

Founder & CEO, Gracefully Global

Veterans in Residence Spotlight: Kevin Walker

Founder and CEO, Turtlewise
Program Overview
WeWork Veterans in Residence powered by Bunker Labs, first incubated in Denver in the Summer of 2017 and launched nationally in 10 cities on Veterans Day 2017, is an initiative in partnership with Bunker Labs providing space, services, business mentorship, and community to help veteran and military family member entrepreneurs find their tribe and create their life’s work. WeWork Veterans in Residence powered by Bunker Labs, in its second national tribe and third overall, is now in 14 cities across the U.S. Veterans and military family members should apply to their nearest participating city (see map below). Applications are now open until January 3, 2019. Our next national tribe will launch in February 2019.
Sponsored Workspace
Veterans and military family members enjoy access to complimentary workspace for six months and the full WeWork member experience, from front-desk support to discounts on operational software in our Services Store.
Veteran's Quarters
Veterans in Residence are granted access to uniquely designed lounge and meeting spaces for mentorship, networking, and special events.
Local & Global Community
Veterans in Residence also gain access to our digital Member Network, a global community of 268,000+ professionals in 77+ cities, plus access to thousands of veteran entrepreneurs via our veteran partner communities.
Citywide Community Events
Veterans in Residence collaborate with local leaders to organize monthly professional and social events at WeWork, bringing together members of local veteran and business communities.
14 Cities. One Tribe.
of veteran entrepreneurs report having gained skills from their active duty service that are directly relevant to business ownership.
veterans in the broader community could be reached over the next five years through events hosted by Veterans in Residence cohort.
veterans will be accepted into the Veterans in Residence program throughout the course of the next five years.
WeWork is currently NOT accepting applications for the Veterans in Residence program until their application process reopens in January, 2019.