Bunker Labs – a 501(c)(3) non-profit – is a national network of veteran and milspouse entrepreneurs dedicated to helping the military connected community start their own business. We are committed to seeing that every entrepreneur in the military connected community has the network, tools, and resources they need to start their own business.

25% of transitioning service members want to start a business and they need places inside their community where they can connect with the people, resources, and support they need to start and grow their businesses. We’re here for them!

Our Mission

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One of our mantras at Bunker Labs is “you’ll be what you see.” One of the many reasons why more veterans are not becoming entrepreneurs is that they don’t know all of the options available to them. After World War II and Vietnam, veterans returned home and started everything from shoe companies (Nike) to shipping companies (FedEx).

Veterans today are just as ambitious and innovative in entrepreneurship but their stories aren’t being told. We want to find and tell their stories.


Bunker Labs was started by veterans who got out of the military and started their own business. As such we understand the unique challenges associated with the transition process combined with the difficulty of starting a business. We have compiled and curated the best entrepreneurial training from the brightest minds in the field into three distinct phases of entrepreneurship.

Our Launch Lab Online course for new entrepreneurs is open to anyone in the veteran community anywhere in the world. The Veterans in Residence program offers 6 months of free co-working space to 10 veteran companies in 17 cities (currently) and our CEO Circle program offers the next stage of programs for veteran companies looking to grow.


Whether you are exploring a new career path after active duty service, starting a business or growing your business—building your network is critical.

Bunker Labs invites veterans, business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and subject matter experts to get plugged into their local entrepreneurial ecosystem through our monthly Bunker Brews meet ups in each of our chapter cities. Currently in over 30 cities around the country, Bunker Labs also offers the veteran entrepreneur community access to a national community as well!


Help Veterans Become Entrepreneurs – Support Their Dreams of Starting a Business

Your donation to Bunker Labs provides veterans and military spouses with the knowledge, resources, and the community they need to successfully start and grow businesses.

$50 helps one veteran/military spouse participate in our online introduction to entrepreneurship

$100 gives one veteran/military spouse access to a monthly meetup to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors

$500 provides one veteran/military spouse with access to 6-months of coworking space and programming

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