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Opportunity in Chicago: Mission Continues Fellow

The Mission ContinuesJoin the Team in Chicago as a Fellow

Our Chicago chapter is looking for a Mission Continues fellow to join our team.

Deadline to Apply

If interested, please apply to become a Mission Continues fellow for the Bravo Class by January 17th, 2017.


The Mission Continues fellow will work directly with the Executive Director of Bunker Labs and assist with any programming tasks needed. Specifically the fellow will manage the curriculum for the weekly entrepreneurial education classes, adding or changing anything to the curriculum based on the needs of the cohort and the request of the Executive Director.

They will also coordinate and follow up with the subject matter experts that attend and facilitate the classes each week, this includes updating on the curriculum and coordinating the space and time with the expert to ensure the programming continues to run smoothly and the classes continue to enrich the veteran members entrepreneurial education. Because of the high demand of our entrepreneurial programming we want to ensure that our classes are filled with the most determined, proactive, and dedicated individuals.

In order to ensure that we have success we will have our fellow go through the applications we receive, which will greatly help our Executive Director finalize each cohort. The fellow will help facilitate the events for our veteran entrepreneurs by ensuring that industry and corporate leaders as well as entrepreneurial experts attend our networking events, and they will be able to help coordinate our panel for our annual Muster event. Bunker Labs has a membership app as well as various social media pages that our fellow will be able to manage by posting updates on our events as well as manage the discussions between members in the cohort to ensure their active participation and have accurate and up-to-date information around the curriculum. Bunker Labs has a continuum of support in which we support our members throughout the stages of entrepreneurship from networking with Bunker Brews, entrepreneurship education with EPIC, to CEO Circle which assists entrepreneurs after their business has functioned for a couple years and needs the support with growing and developing their business.

A fellow would be able to help us track and shepherd our members through this process and ensure that we have the continued connection and our members have continued access and support.

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