Entrepreneurship Journey: Idea. Traction. Grow. 

Did you know that Bunker Labs has served military spouses since 2014? Join the movement – see if entrepreneurship is right for you.

We understand that military families face certain challenges that come with being service-connected. In this recent Roundtable, some of the military spouses in our network discuss challenges they faced and share how they launched and are growing their businesses.

Meet some of our Military Spouse City Leaders

Megan Rohe
Military Spouse
Moxy Financial Group

Megan’s passion is working with individuals and families to remove the burden of financial planning so they have time to focus on what is most important in their lives. She loves sharing her positive approach to life, attending industry learning conferences, and spending time with her family.

Tamar Yellin
Military Spouse
PCT Law Group, PLLC

Tamar is an attorney, splitting her legal practice between intellectual property law (mainly trademarks) and commercial real estate law. Thanks to moving around as a military spouse, she is licensed in California, Nebraska, and Illinois (inactive), in addition to being a Registered Patent Attorney. Tamar enjoys helping her clients protect their brands and other important intellectual property.

Rob Shaye
US Coast Guard / Military Spouse
Fireside Finances

After 10 years with the Coast Guard, Rob worked at a fintech startup in San Francisco, which was later acquired by BlackRock. He worked for BlackRock for three years before starting Fireside Finances. Rob is a Certified Financial Planner™ and his wife is an active duty Coast Guard member.

Lydia Henshaw
Military Spouse
Moxie Girl

Lydia is a researcher-turned-entrepreneur, passionate about building a community of lift and empowerment, especially for girls and women. As the former Head of Product for Innovation inside of P&G, she was responsible for building and growing digital product discipline, leading digital product strategy and empowering her product teams as they built disruptive digital consumer experiences, globally.


Start your journey, join our community. Need Inspiration? Check out these military spouse entrepreneurs: 

Lauren Hubbard

D’Shawn Russell

Upcoming Events this week :

Tiffany Madison

LIVE interview Monday, May 4, 5:30PM ET
Where: LLO FB Group

Tiffany Madison is a serial entrepreneur and military spouse. With expertise in the blockchain field, financial industry and most recently in an e-commerce business, this discussion will cover her perspectives on starting businesses, changing roles in business, facing challenges and how she came to the decision to pursue entrepreneurship as a military spouse. 

Jaime Chapman

Watch Party, Wednesday, May 6, 2:00PM ET
Where : LLO FB Group

Jaime Chapman is the Founder and CEO of Begin Within, named the 2019 #1 Military Spouse Owned Business by the MCV Choice Awards. Jaime will discuss careers after service and how military spouses can explore meaningful career options. She will also share why entrepreneurship was her path to fulfillment as a military spouse. 

Looking for engagement and support to grow your business? We’re excited to announce the launch of vCEOCircle with a peer program for military spouses!

CEOcircle is a mastermind group of founders looking for support as they scale their business. The sessions provide opportunities to ask critical questions and learn from one another, as well as from the facilitator and occasional guest speakers. Learn more and share your interest to participate in the program here.