Bunker Brews Madison: 2020 – New Decade, New You (And Your Business)

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Bunker Brews Madison: 2020 – New Decade, New You (And Your Business)
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23 January 2020


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


StartingBlock Madison

Join us for the next Bunker Brews where our mission is to inspire, equip and connect veterans, military spouses, and civilians alike.

  • Kevin Henry

    Kevin Henry

    “Resilient-Insight” Founder/Owner

Anyone who has ever spent a day working in a professional kitchen can see that they are forced to operate with military precision. With so many moving parts and stations it is only through this infallible precision that they can possibly maintain a consistently palatable product. The chef and back of house must work in harmony with the maitre-de and front of house. Then overseeing them, there is the management structure, who designs the systems to make sure those separated facets can maintain proper communication and timing. These tasks are then compounded further when there are multiple restaurants, all with unique cuisines, personalities and staffing issues, each needing to maintain a sound ‘bottom line’ to make sure the lights will stay-on.

Who could possibly handle such a herculean feat?

There are a few names that run synonymous with our “foodie” culture here in the Greater Dane County/Madison region. This is not a simple accomplishment in a city that is renowned for its cuisine, a city with 27 James Beard nominations in 28 years. I would argue that Kevin Henry is one of those names. In 2019 he was co-owner and CEO of one of Madison’s largest restaurant groups, a corporation with varying eateries in both the “fine-dining” and “casual dining’ spaces. A company he served for over 20 years.

His was a highly difficult yet greatly enviable position, however, at the end of 2019, he decided to walk away in search of an entrepreneurial dream, something of his own.

Join us as Kevin shares his entrepreneurial journey and what he has in store for our community with his new company “Resilient-Insight”.

This event is part of Bunker Brews, a monthly meetup where the Bunker Labs community, including veterans, military spouses, and civilians, comes together to network with subject matter experts, investors, thought leaders, and more in an environment focused on growth and development.

This event is for you if…

1. You’re interested in meeting more like-minded, action-oriented entrepreneurs in a fun, casual setting.

2. You’re interested in getting involved in the local entrepreneur community.

3. You’d like to learn more about companies being created by veterans in our community

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