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Design Thinking is a customer-centered approach to developing products and services your customers love and recommend again and again. The Intuit Design for Delight course unlocks the secrets of creating rabidly loyal customers that proselytize your products and services though exploring a simple philosophy: Understanding your customer’s problems and pain points leads to better products and services.

Understanding your customers with this kind of deep empathy is something anyone can do, but many neglect. A lot of founders run their entire business based on assumptions about what their customer wants without ever taking the time to talk with customers or observe them interacting with the product or service they offer. Design For Delight creates a structure to not just ensure you put the time in, but also get the most out of these early customer interactions.

Course Overview


Deep Customer Empathy:

Your business solves a problem or pain point for the customer. Learn how to turn ideal customers into engines of innovation to make products and services that create enthusiastic customer loyalty.


Go Broad to Go Narrow:

Putting the lessoned learned from your customers into action, learn how to frame your designs to solve the customer’s problem.


Rapid Experiments with Customers:

Test your assumptions. Observe customers using your solution to their problem. Talk to them about it after. Learn to identify new pain points that arise.

WHY DESIGN thinking?

Businesses fail every day. Often, it’s because they can’t find the right product-market fit. Design Thinking largely mitigates risk of failing to find product-market fit by getting founders and engineers out of their silos and testing their assumptions against real customers to create products and experiences customers love. Rabid, enthusiastic customers that can’t stop promoting your business

Another benefit of Design Thinking is that it gets you to market, fast. No more endless expensive internal development siloed off from customer feedback. Design Thinking has a way of integrating design with customer feedback loops that gets your business to market building customer loyalty right away.

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