While the lion’s share of today’s entrepreneurs are pursuing tech ventures, this Veteran-owned startup is focused on solving global problems through physical product design.  

Crew Supply Co.® is a cause-based Company in Los Angeles, CA creating sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic products in the beverage industry. The company’s founders met in USMC Combat Engineer School in 2012 and are currently enrolled in Veterans in Residence program in partnership with WeWork (19-B Cohort). Kyle McElfresh – a seasoned bartender with an eye for sustainability – was appalled by the amount of waste that bars and restaurants generate on a nightly basis and felt propelled to challenge the status quo. Knowing the problem couldn’t be tackled alone, he enlisted the help of his former Marine pal and now CEO — Marshall Sterling.

United in a common mission, Kyle and Marshall spent a year developing and testing an innovative line of reusable bar tools. Today, their products are helping bars and restaurants increase efficiency and reduce their dependency on single-use plastics. To further support their sustainable mission, Crew partners with international non-profit Plastic Bank to prevent 1KG of plastic from entering the ocean for each product sold.   

Since Crew’s launch in August 2019, the company has been featured in publications such as Beverage Industry Magazine and has outfitted bars and restaurants in over 16 countries.

In addition to increasing sustainability, Crew products provide sanitary storage for alcoholic beverages and cocktail ingredients; creating a better experience for both bartenders and bar-goers. Regardless of which side of the bar you’re on, we all benefit from a safer, more sustainable beverage industry.