CEOcircle powered by JPMorgan Chase provides education, connections and mentorship to growth-stage military-connected businesses. If you are interested in learning more about this program, visit our website or review the FAQ’s below. Still have a question? Contact Applications close June 30, 2023.

Changes to the Program

Criteria has been updated for the upcoming cohort of CEOcircle. Criteria are as follows:

  • Applicant must be a military Veteran and/or military spouse
  • CEO, senior level executive and/or controlling shareholder of company
  • Company grosses $1MIL+ OR Company has raised $5MIL+ in capital
  • Company shows high growth potential including
    • Market Size
    • Industry
    • Market Saturation
    • Significant Traction

How did this partnership with Bunker Labs come about? 

Since its founding in 2014, Bunker Labs and JPMorgan Chase have fostered a long-standing relationship through their shared goal of empowering veteran-owned businesses.

In 2019, JPMorgan Chase committed $3 million to help Bunker Labs establish chapters in all 50 states, and in 2016 committed $1.5 million to sponsor the Bunker Builds America tour. The CEOcircle program was the natural next step for us as we continue our journey to best connect military-connected businesses with the resources they need to thrive.

What is the CEOcircle? 

CEOcircle is a monthly peer accountability group for growth-stage companies looking to scale. Over the course of nine virtual huddles and four in-person fly-in events, CEOs and executives can ask critical questions impacting their businesses today. Together, you’ll learn from your peers and national experts alike how to take your company to the next level. Additionally, CEOcircle members also gain access to dedicated liaisons and a 10-week advisor program powered by JPMorgan Chase.

Is this a level up from the Veterans In Residence Program or a new program all together? 

CEOcircle is a great next step for companies who have participated in Veterans in Residence program and reached a certain revenue threshold or are preparing for substantial growth. CEOcircle groups are aligned with company stage and revenue levels. This cohort in partnership with JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking is an opportunity for even later stage companies to increase our continuum of support for military connected entrepreneurs and pilot ways to increase corporate engagement with our community.

How do I know if my company is a good fit for the program?

You and your company meet all eligibility requirements and you are looking for a peer group to expand your network and support you in reaching company goals. You are looking for education, connections and mentorship. You are looking for a group of like-minded, military connected entrepreneurs.

Your company is going through a significant inflection point (e.g. scaling, rapid growth, acquisition) and you are looking for support and guidance to make the most of the opportunity.

I was at the revenue criteria before COVID – but I’m not now? Should I still apply.  

You should absolutely apply. The pandemic has impacted all businesses and this program is an opportunity for companies to reach their future goals and potential. We encourage you to apply to the program, so that you can take advantage of the opportunity.  

What are the follow up steps after I apply? 

We will notify finalists, via email, in early September. After notification, there will be an onboarding and information-gathering process to prepare selected participants for the November in-person launch. 

When will I hear if I’m accepted into the program?  

We will email notifications for both accepted and non-accepted applications by the first week of September. 

What if I’m not accepted into the program?  

All applications will be saved / filed and we will notify you of future CEOcircle opportunities. You will also receive communications throughout the year about different program and engagement opportunities from Bunker Labs.

What are the various aspects of the program?  

There are three main components of the program. The virtual monthly 90-minute “huddles” are facilitated by Bunker Labs staff and include a proven and tested framework to help a program group leverage their brain trust to solve company challenges and make progress towards their goals. The four in-person fly-in forums will be a full day of educational programming and include ample time for networking. And lastly, a 10-week advisor opportunity at the end of the program where you are matched one-on-one with an industry advisor from JPMorgan Chase to help problem solve specific pain points identified throughout the year long program. 

What can I expect to get out of the program? 

Our cohort experience is driven by its members and supported by Bunker Labs and JPMorgan Chase. 

At the first fly-in forum and launch in November 2022, you will set a goal and commitment for the year-long program. Some examples would be rolling out a challenging initiative, reaching a new level of growth, solidifying a new partnership or whatever will help your organization succeed.

Each month, you will report back to the group and share what you accomplished since the last meeting and confirm what your commitment will be for the following month as you work towards your company goals and objectives. The facilitator and other members will provide support and accountability as you work toward that goal.

Does acceptance into the program guarantee fundraising of any kind?  

This program does not include any type of funding. We hope that the progress and goals you accomplish during the program will move your company forward to reach follow-on goals like future fundraising efforts. This program will amplify your network and acumen to grow your business. 

What is the time commitment of the program? 

Participants will have 9 monthly 90-minute meetings. In addition to the monthly meetings, the program will consist of 4 in-person fly-in forums held throughout the year in various locations around the US. The fly-in forums will include a short program session and evening social event followed by a full day of programming that will include breakout sessions, high profile speakers and intentional facilitation. 

Am I required to attend the in-person sessions?  

If you are accepted into the program and confirm participation, attendance is required all four fly-in forums happening around the country. Locations and dates will be shared with accepted participants in September.

What am I responsible for financially during the program? 

As the participant, you will cover travel and lodging for each fly-in forum. Once you arrive, food and refreshments will all be provided throughout the event. We will have discounted room rates at a hotel near the venue in the form of a room block.

What other documentation should I prepare in case I am a finalist/selected? 

If you are selected as a finalist for the program, to confirm participation we will ask you to provide tax filing information for your company, as well as conduct a background check. These pieces of documentation and information are to protect the integrity of the program and the trust among fellow cohort members. Additionally, there will be an intake form to gather general information. All information will be kept confidential and only published in aggregate unless requested by the participant. Information that would be made public with participant approval is their name, biography and basic company information. 

What happens if I withdraw from the program or can’t make a session? Can I send someone in my place? 

All program sessions and events are required. If something unexpected happens that prevents you from attending, please notify us as soon as possible and we will work with you. Companies will not be able to send a substitute participant to meetings and events.

Apply Today

There’s nothing in this world more capable than a Veteran or military spouse with a business and a mission, except maybe an entire cohort of them! Our experiences with the military give us unique insight into the human condition and that changes us not just as people, but as business leaders. You need a group that understands why you need to do things differently, and that wants to support you without trying to change your objectives.  

If your business is working locally, but you’re struggling to scale it nationally, Bunker Labs CEOcircle presented by JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking is your next step. Apply today: