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The Lean Start-Up of You

After lots of friends and colleagues pushed it as a must-read, I finally read a (now very) dog-eared copy of Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup. In it, Ries suggests that startups need a different, more agile mechanism to create something from nothing – a suggestion that is poignant, so very [...]

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Psychology Corner: The 7 Blind Spots of Tech Start-Ups

This post, originally written by Eric Connor, is a Built in Chicago submission. As a therapist and co-founder of Flank 5 Academy, I find it interesting to see the many parallels between the challenges faced by individuals and organizations alike. We may talk more frequently about the technology, the idea, and [...]

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Start Your Business – No One Is Watching

A guy walks into a business meeting wearing a Barry Manilow t-shirt. Not just any Barry Manilow t-shirt. A really bad, early 80’s, airbrushed Barry Manilow t-shirt. The kind of shirt that you would have to be a die hard to own, let alone be willing to wear in public. [...]

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How To Create More Veteran Entrepreneurs

After WWII, 49% of military veterans came home to own or operate a business. Today, military veterans make up less than 6% of new entrepreneurs. The reasons for this are multifold, but lack of desire is not one. The Small Business Administration reports that nearly 25% of active duty servicemembers [...]

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