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10 Military Veteran Startups Everyone in Tech Should Know

Here at Bunker Labs, we are so thrilled to see the recent surge in military veteran entrepreneurship. Our mission is to catalyze the entrepreneurial potential of the military experience to lead innovation in the American economy and to empower veterans as leaders in innovation. Bunker Labs Realizes our Mission by: Connecting current and former military [...]

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Introducing Green Vet Homes: Helping Veterans Find Quality Housing

Kirby Atwell got his entrepreneurial start as the founder of iCandy Homes, a fast-growing real estate development company in Chicago, which he is in the process of selling and transitioning into Green Vet Homes.  Green Vet Homes is a real estate investment company focused on wholesaling, buying, and holding real estate investment deals.  Their main [...]

Why Vets Have the Skills it Takes to be Successful Entrepreneurs: Our Interview with Senator Mark Green

The Bunker Nashville Podcast, hosted by Blake Hogan, a marine veteran and co-founder of Bunker Labs Nashville, sits down with veteran entrepreneurs and executives all over Tennessee. The most recent episode featured an army veteran, entrepreneur, executive and now Senator, Mark Green.  In this episode, Senator Green talked about how he developed Align MD and [...]

Battle Buddies: Finding Business Inspiration In Unexpected Places

*The guest author of this post, Braulio Fonseca, is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago and founder of Fonck Films. Fonseca is a veteran of the United States Army and since has been pursuing his career as a writer/ photographer and videographer. Fonseca attributes many of his accomplishments as an entrepreneur from the experiences gained [...]

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Speak Easy Co-Founder Scott Rupnow: Bunker Provides the Structure Vets Need Coming Out of the Army

Bunker Labs recently sat down with Scott Rupnow, a seven year veteran of the US Army and MBA candidate at Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.  In an interview with Bunker Labs, Scott spoke highly of the weekly Brain Trust exercises and credits the Bunker for giving him the structure he needs [...]

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Green Vet Homes Founder Kirby Atwell: Real Estate Entrepreneur Credits Bunker Community for his Success

This June, we sat down with Kirby Atwell, a former officer of the US Army and graduate of West Point Military Academy. In an interview with Bunker Labs, Kirby spoke highly of the community that’s been built through Bunker Labs, and all the knowledge he has gained from interacting with other veteran entrepreneurs. Kirby Atwell [...]

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US CTO Megan Smith: In Support of Veteran Entrepreneurship

Megan Smith, the United States Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, recently visited the Bunker Labs Chicago headquarters. In an interview with Bunker CEO Todd Connor, Megan spoke enthusiastically about the work of veteran entrepreneurs, as well as the support the Bunker offers these entrepreneurs. As the US CTO, [...]

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A Characterization Of The Veteran Entrepreneur

Veteran entrepreneurs get sh*t done. I see it every day. I listened to a nice podcast this week from a16z — “Teams, Trust, and Object Lessons.” Ben Horowitz, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, spoke with Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter, on why veterans make good hires due to their military experience. This took place before a [...]

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Founder Interview – Sam Harris of Tribe

This is the first installment of our Founder Interview video series. This series will feature interviews with Bunker Labs company founders exploring the trials and tribulations our founders have gone through while developing their businesses. In this installment Kirby Atwell, of iCandy Homes, interviews Sam Harris the co-founder of the task management app, Tribe. Learn [...]

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Creative Leadership and Strategic Curiosity with Chic Thompson

Chic Thompson is a world-renowned speaker, consultant, author, entrepreneur, and teacher – though none of those titles capture the passion, insight, and truly inspiring approaches he takes to problem solving. Bunker Labs DC had the pleasure of hosting Chic in early December for his session on Cre8tive Leadership. During his two hours with us, Chic [...]

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