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Ready to Launch your Business in 2017? Take the Entrepreneur Challenge

Thinking about starting a business? Check out Bunker In A Box! Available from anywhere you have an internet connection, come learn about what it takes to start, run, and grow a successful business. Bunker in a Box is designed as a fun, interactive introduction to entrepreneurship. It offers over 1,000 hours of curated content, divided [...]

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Introducing Green Vet Homes: Helping Veterans Find Quality Housing

Kirby Atwell got his entrepreneurial start as the founder of iCandy Homes, a fast-growing real estate development company in Chicago, which he is in the process of selling and transitioning into Green Vet Homes.  Green Vet Homes is a real estate investment company focused on wholesaling, buying, and holding real estate investment deals.  Their main [...]

Finding the Right Funding Options For Your Startup

A common question among new startups is “How do I find the money to start my business?” Unfortunately, the answer is that there’s no one magical depository of funds.  Contrary to what you may see on TV, no self-made billionaire is standing around waiting to throw money at your new and exciting business idea. Here [...]

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From Concept to Company: How to Get Started Building your Business

You have already proven your strength and perseverance in the military. Now you’re ready for the next venture in your life. You have a brilliant concept in mind for a future business. You have discussed it with close confidants, and you are convinced that it will be a welcome addition to the industry. But once [...]

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5 Key Traits of a Great Mentor

Plato had Aristotle. Helen Keller had Anne Sullivan. J.J. Abrams had Steven Spielberg. All of these brilliant people acted as mentors to their younger protégés. They offered up their skills, experience, wisdom, and advice to those they knew could benefit from them. Throughout history, mentors have played a tremendous role in shaping leaders across all areas [...]

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