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Rumi Spice Cultivates Peace through Saffron

Former U.S. Army engineer officer Kimberly Jung found her business inspiration in the minefields of Afghanistan. While clearing roadside bombs, Jung decided there must be more she could do, beyond her military service duties, to help rebuild the devastated region. “It felt like every time we found a bomb, a new one would take its [...]

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Scott Hardesty is Creating Delicious and Effective Sports Nutrition

As a retired Army Ranger who served 26 years in the US Army, Scott Hardesty understands that staying in shape allows him to keep his disabilities at bay. He successfully lost weight and gained muscle in just ten months through hard work and dedication. He was inspired to found Ranger Nutrition as a way to provide [...]

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Carson Goodale’s FanFood App Delivers On-demand Concessions

No matter how riveting a game is or legendary a concert might be, there’s one thing that can pull fans out of the experience: waiting in concession lines. You could be stuck waiting for a hot dog when Anthony Rizzo hits a homerun or missing out on your favorite song for want of a beer. [...]

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Jarek Hamilton and Qikpix are Revolutionizing the Professional Photo Industry

There are currently $33 billion in annually booked photo shoots in the United States. The photography industry hasn't changed much in the last 100 years. Qikpix was built to revolutionize the industry with leading technology that streamlines the entire process from booking to photo editing. Bunker Labs Stories | Jarek Hamilton from Bunker Labs on [...]

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Opportunity in Chicago: Mission Continues Fellow

Join the Team in Chicago as a Fellow Our Chicago chapter is looking for a Mission Continues fellow to join our team. Deadline to Apply If interested, please apply to become a Mission Continues fellow for the Bravo Class by January 17th, 2017. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Mission Continues fellow will work directly with [...]

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