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Bunker Labs Minneapolis Launches EPIC: A 14 Week Entrepreneurship Primer for Veterans

Bunker Labs Minneapolis took a big step forward last month, launching their 14 week hands-on course, titled ‘Entrepreneurial Program for Innovation and Collaboration’ (EPIC) with 9 early stage companies, all led by military veterans.

The cohort of 9 companies was selected from over 40 applications and represents a diverse set of businesses ranging from B2G technology solutions to consumer focused apparel. The chapter in Minneapolis, led by Tim O’Neil, Executive Director, has been up and running since last fall and as O’Neil puts it, “we have only begun to scratch the surface of both what we can do here locally to put wind in the sail of these military veterans in the early stages but also how we can become a beacon for those leaving the service — and begin to think of Minneapolis and St Paul as the ‘it’ place to go”.

Bunker Labs Minneapolis is able to accomplish their work here locally as the result of community partnerships with US Bank, Comcast and Briggs & Morgan.

Toby Nord, who is the professional director of the Ventures Enterprise at the Carlson School of Management and is leading the EPIC instruction notes that, “with EPIC, we have a tremendous opportunity to engage with a dedicated, disciplined, group of early stage entrepreneurs in a fun dynamic, fast paced environment.

The next public Bunker Labs Minneapolis event is a pitch night to be held at COCO Minneapolis on March 13 at 4:45PM.

Bunker Labs Minneapolis Launch

About the Companies Enrolled

Atlas Defense | Founder: Marc Holley 
Atlas Defense is a personal protection coaching service specializing in situational awareness and firearms training.  Catering to the LGBTQ and female community, Atlas’ classes and culture is intended to fill the market gap created by the traditional firearms industry.   In the 14 months Atlas has been operational they have instructed over 25 classes with 80 clients across 6 states.  2017

Shadow Culture | CEO: Paul Riedner 
Shadow Culture helps organizations value the warrior spirit and problem solving attribute resource organizations already possesses.  Shadow Culture specifically, engages the veteran community inside of the enterprise to illicit value for the whole organization and then works with Culture and Talent Management groups within the enterprise to ensure the activities are broadcast throughout the company.

Red Letter | Co-Founder: Cornel Beard 
Red Letter is a socially conscious fashion label that promotes social awareness and positive messaging for underserved communities.  Red Letter’s purpose is to promote key events and moments, and remind humanity that attitude and effort matter by stitching, imprinting and adhering messages on strategic locations on the clothing they design/produce

Intervotion | Co-Founder: Michael O’Leary 
Intervotion is a technology solution that stitches together imagery (360 degree viewpoint, panorama, still etc) and then overlays a common, web accessible, floorplan. The primary use of the service is first responders when reacting to crisis situations however the company is exploring alternate applications in the construction services, facilities inspection and property management industries.

DM&P Supplies | Partner: Domingo Contreras 
DM&P is looking to become first US distributor of a unique sausage making equipment, that will cater to small and medium size grocery stores and butcher shops.  Their meat product solution more consistently produces the same texture, feel and dimensions in addition to enhancing the productivity of butchers.

Adroit Mindset | Founder: Tressa Marquardt
Adroit focuses on coaching women on the basics and fundamentals of pistols. Adroit Mindset aims to assist with identifying the right protection source for self and home. Adroit differentiates by using no stress courses and introduces new clients to personal protection with confidence, and comfort.

GlenMask LLC. | Partner: Tim Connelly 
Glenmask is developing a turnkey solution for government contract compliance professionals to deliver timely, cost-effective, and auditable compliance training to targeted audiences to reduce risk and focus scare contractor resources on core business processes. The government contract market is a reliable source of profitable business – but it’s a dynamic, high-risk endeavor. Glenmask is the answer to mitigate process risk and refocus energy to operations.

Trident Mindset | Founder: Luis Nebel
Trident Made is an indoor entertainment center, a key component of Trident Made will be the inclusion of first-in-the-market IFLY wind tunnel. IFLY has consistently entered new markets and has been shown to be a best in class entertainment experience. Targeted Opening: Fall 2017

DIY Health | Founder: Ryan Appleby
DIY Health is a fat loss assessment tool, designed for the health-conscious weight loss consumers. DIY Health, replaces the traditional weight metrics commonly associated with a conventional scale with a more comprehensive assessment of your health using advanced circuit and sensor technology. With DIY Health, a user can know the how and why their current weight-loss strategy is working – or how to adapt the program to their specific needs.

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