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Bunker Labs Columbus Welcomes its First Company: Alcohol Deliveries

Bunker Labs-Columbus has announced its first member company, Alcohol Deliveries. Co-founders Anthony Reynolds and Joshua Walker are Columbus natives and United States Air Force Veterans.


Alcohol Deliveries is a mobile application providing an on-demand alcohol and snack ordering platform to consumers as well as to grocery and liquor stores. Alcohol establishments or individuals who must be at least 21 years-of- age old can place their orders through the app and expect delivery within an hour.

“We wanted to help solve drunk driving by giving people a safe alternative to leaving their homes to buy alcohol. We saw an opportunity to do this by leveraging technology wrapped in an easy to use platform,” said Reynolds, CEO.

Alcohol Deliveries currently serves customers in the Columbus area. The company has made plans to expand to Cleveland and Cincinnati by the end of the year. The app has been downloaded more than 12,000 times and has helped fulfill approximately 1,000 deliveries. In August, Alcohol Deliveries signed exclusive agreements with Karate Cowboy, a liquor brand, and also with Life Support, a hangover recovery shot.

Alcohol Deliveries is the first company to receive a loan approval from Kiva Columbus. The company’s Kiva goal is $10,000. Huntington Bank is matching $2 for every $1 raised through the Kiva project. Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder, and GoDaddy are helping Alcohol Deliveries reaching its lending goal.


“I first met the Anthony and Josh when they came through Rev1 Ventures’ Concept Academy in January” said Bunker Labs Columbus Executive Director, John Hrivnak. “They are a focused team and determined to do great things with Alcohol Deliveries. We are delighted to have their new company help us inaugurate Bunker Labs.”

Alcohol Deliveries started working out of Bunker Labs at Rev1 recently. The company is expected to join the first Bunker Labs accelerator cohort for its 2017 launch.

Learn more about Alcohol Deliveries at, and keep up with Bunker Labs Columbus at

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