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Bunker in a Box

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What is Bunker in a Box?

Bunker in a Box is the next step for active duty military and veterans who want to start their own businesses and jumpstart the next chapter in their life.

This groundbreaking program is an online, gamified, e-learning platform designed to provide you with a self-paced entrepreneurship education.

Bunker in a Box was designed to be unlike any other entrepreneurship program by providing users with an interactive and engaging platform specifically curated for veterans. Bunker in a Box, provides worldwide access to entrepreneurship education, complete with dozens of interviews with military veterans who have successfully started a diverse array of businesses.

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Filling a Gap

Veteran Entrepreneurs in collaboration

Inspiring veterans as leaders in innovation.

Bunker in a Box was created as an extension of the Bunker Labs community. The online platform was designed to reach veterans and active duty who are not near a Bunker Labs location but wish to start and grow a business. There will be 200,000 service members coming off of active duty each year over the next five years, and 25% will want to start a business. They will need places inside their community and online to connect with the people, the resources, and the support that needed in order to start and grow a business. Bunker in a Box, as a part of Bunker Labs network, is designed to fill that space.

#1 Veteran Entrepreneurship Challenge in the USA

Program Features

Bunker in a Box - Inspire

Rewarding Incentives

It’s hard to stay motivated when learning online, so we designed Bunker in a Box to be a fun and rewarding experience. Rewards come in the forms of points and badges as well as a competitive leader-board.

Bunker in a Box - Educate

Engaging Content

The Bunker in a Box program contains 14 “missions” that are based on Gallup’s entrepreneurial strengths. Each mission contains a curated library of engaging, high quality videos, interviews, and articles that are specifically targeted to veteran audiences. Enabling you to quickly develop a strong founder mindset.

Bunker in a Box - Connection

Social Connections

The Bunker in a Box platform integrates with your social media profiles, letting you share your progress with your personal community. The comment feature allows users to create an in-program community, fostering collaboration, growth, and comradery designed to spur you on to greater success.

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