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Green Vet Homes’ Kirby Atwell Flips Houses For Homeless Veterans

This post was written by Doria Lavagnino for CentSai, a financial-literacy platform for millennials and younger Gen Xers to help them make smart financial choices, and originally appeared on ZING! by Quicken Loans. Kirby Atwell’s first career was as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, where he served for 11 years. He loved [...]

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Metlife Foundation Partners with Bunker Labs to Create Online Content for Veteran Entrepreneurs

Bunker Labs, together with MetLife Foundation announce our collaboration on The Breakdown, a business news show that airs weekly on Facebook Live, produced entirely by veterans for veterans. MetLife Foundation has awarded a $200,000 grant to support programs developed by Bunker Labs. The Breakdown is a free, online, streaming alternative [...]

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Veteran Spotlight: NYC Macy’s Makeover

Veteran Spotlight: NYC Macy’s Makeover Get out your tissues! You’re about to experience an emotional voyage. Bunker Labs has partnered with Macy’s MyStylist team to supply military veterans in the Bunker Labs community with a whole new look, which will enhance their personal brand, increase their confidence, and help [...]

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Macy’s Big Give Back: Salute Those Who Serve

Macy's Big Give Back Campaign Get 25% off at Macy’s for doing absolutely nothing! Ok, not nothing. Macy’s Big Give Back Campaign wants to give back to military veterans and their families by means of a small donation from individuals like you. Let’s get involved. How It Works Want [...]

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