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About Todd Connor

Todd Connor is the CEO of The Bunker, and Co-Founder of Flank 5 Academy. A Navy veteran who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom aboard the USS BUNKER HILL (CG-52), Todd has held senior leadership roles in the public and private sector. He holds a BA from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Empowering the Next Generation of Veteran Entrepreneurs

Following WWII, thousands of military Veterans – war-torn, exhausted, and victorious – returned home and quickly set out to rebuild the American economy and their local communities. In fact, 49% of returning Veterans would go on to start or own a business within 6 years of their return. It was a time of unprecedented opportunity [...]

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2016 State of the Bunker: Where We Were + Where We’re Going

We've rebranded, launched new programs, and experimented with what works and what doesn't. 2016 will focus on growth and improvement across America, bringing more opportunities to veterans. In the video below, CEO Todd Connor gives us a break down on all that's happened in one short year and the progress we're planning for 2016.    [...]

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5 Key Traits of a Great Mentor

Plato had Aristotle. Helen Keller had Anne Sullivan. J.J. Abrams had Steven Spielberg. All of these brilliant people acted as mentors to their younger protégés. They offered up their skills, experience, wisdom, and advice to those they knew could benefit from them. Throughout history, mentors have played a tremendous role in shaping leaders across all areas [...]

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Northwestern features Bunker Labs and Veteran Businesses

Today only 6 percent of new businesses are started by veterans. So we have a real gap around veterans, that should be starting companies that aren't and we're working on fixing that. The Bunker is an organization that helps military veterans starting and grow businesses. Starting a business is hard—it's messy. Every company has something that they need next, and we're [...]

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Psychology Corner: The 7 Blind Spots of Tech Start-Ups

This post, originally written by Eric Connor, is a Built in Chicago submission. As a therapist and co-founder of Flank 5 Academy, I find it interesting to see the many parallels between the challenges faced by individuals and organizations alike. We may talk more frequently about the technology, the idea, and the business—but we also know [...]

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Start Your Business – No One Is Watching

A guy walks into a business meeting wearing a Barry Manilow t-shirt. Not just any Barry Manilow t-shirt. A really bad, early 80’s, airbrushed Barry Manilow t-shirt. The kind of shirt that you would have to be a die hard to own, let alone be willing to wear in public. The guy leaves the meeting [...]

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Suffering from Incubatoritis? Our Diagnosis and Cure

Opened in 1959, The Batavia Industrial Center, in Batavia, New York, is generally accepted as the first business incubator in the United States. Over the last 15 years, there has been a tremendous explosion in the number of incubators each with a unique focus. Some may choose to focus on Tech and Biotech while others [...]

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Legislation May Allow GI Bill Funds for Business Startups

The Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition (VET) Act of 2015 was unanimously passed through The Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee in July and is now working its way to the Senate floor. The bipartisan bill, introduced by Senators Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.), would establish a three-year pilot program allowing up to 250 veterans [...]

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How To Create More Veteran Entrepreneurs

After WWII, 49% of military veterans came home to own or operate a business. Today, military veterans make up less than 6% of new entrepreneurs. The reasons for this are multifold, but lack of desire is not one. The Small Business Administration reports that nearly 25% of active duty servicemembers would like to start a [...]

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