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About Ray Crowell

Currently fueling the veteran & spouse-led startup ecosystem in DC, providing a peer-learning environment for entrepreneurs to Discover, Grow, Innovate, and Connect.

Bunker Labs DC @ SXSW!

In March, the Bunker Labs DC Staff and two cohort companies, SightRunner and Vumble headed to Austin, TX for the Interactive Conference at SXSW. As a startup accelerating startups, our focus is always on learning. We knew that fun was inevitable, but were curious to see how the many events [...]

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Bunker Labs DC Welcomes 15 Companies to the Spring ’16 Cohort!

We’re excited to announce Bunker Labs DC has accepted a diverse and exciting group of companies for the Spring ’16 Accelerator Cohort. These DMV startups came together February 3, 2016 and embark on what is sure to be one of their most challenging and rewarding experiences. The diverse cohort represents [...]

Creative Leadership and Strategic Curiosity with Chic Thompson

Chic Thompson is a world-renowned speaker, consultant, author, entrepreneur, and teacher – though none of those titles capture the passion, insight, and truly inspiring approaches he takes to problem solving. Bunker Labs DC had the pleasure of hosting Chic in early December for his session on Cre8tive Leadership. During his [...]

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What Investors Want to Hear – Steps to Getting a Yes

Doug Doan, of Angel Investment Group Hivers and Strivers, visited Bunker Labs DC as part of the Summer Accelerator Series. Here's a breakdown of his advice...  Doug started his session by reviewing the various sources of capital to launch a startup and the implications for taking outside funding. Then, Doug laid out [...]

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Think Bunker Labs (DC) Doesn’t Apply to You

This is a guest post from Bunker Labs DC Director Ray Crowell which originally featured on the Capitol Post blog. 1. I’m not a veteran or military spouse entrepreneur. One of the Bunker’s long term outcomes is to successfully integrate veterans and veteran owned companies into the greater business community. [...]

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