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About Harry Alford

Harry is currently a Managing Director with Bunker Labs DC where he is helping create the next generation of amazing startups and valuable companies. Prior to joining Bunker Labs DC, Harry was an Operations Associate at NextGen Venture Partners. Harry previously co-founded an e-commerce startup which he successfully scaled and exited. He also has experience
in professional lacrosse, holds a MA from Georgetown, and is a current MBA candidate at Babson.
Being the grandson of a Tuskegee airman and the son of an entrepreneur who served in the Army, Harry truly appreciates the sacrifices given by military service alumni.

Harry currently resides in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC with his fiancé and can be frequently seen in local yoga studios.

HealthTech Startup Kaizen Health From Chicago Wins Bunker Battle Pitch Competition

The judges of Bunker Labs DC's Bunker Battle did not have it easy - over the course of three months, they had the challenge of analyzing and critiquing the pitches of 20 startups. The participants included military active duty, veteran, spouse from Patriot Boot Camp and Bunkers across the country as well as select community civilians. After [...]

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The Final Round of Bunker Battle Is Set

After an exciting two rounds and 20 startups, Bunker Labs DC is excited to announce the third and final round of #BunkerBattle. The final startups hail from as far as Austin, TX and span very different industries. The pitch competition will take place June 23rd at WeWork's new location on K St. View the final [...]

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SCOUT Military Discounts Joins Bunker Labs!

Portland, Oregon— SCOUT Military Discounts, a startup who has developed an app that alerts veterans and their families to organizations who provide exclusive offers and discounts, has been selected to participate in Bunker Labs DC’s virtual accelerator program. SCOUT is a Portland-based startup founded by Cody McGraw, an Army veteran, that has grown from one [...]

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Bunker Labs DC Announces Judges For #BunkerBattle Round 2

We are hosting the second round of our pitch competition, #BunkerBattle, in Washington, DC Wednesday, May 11th at Social Tables for Patriot Boot Camp and Bunkers across the country. Military active duty, veteran, spouse and select community civilians will continue to compete head-to-head in a 3-Round Bracket-Style pitch competition for a winner-takes-all $25K purse and more. The [...]

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Bunker Labs Announces Second Round of #BunkerBattle Pitch Competition

We will be hosting the second round of Bunker Battle May 11th at Social Tables. Come join us as we witness 10 amazing startups pitch to compete for $25,000. Two startups will be selected to compete against the winners from round one, Reki Travel and Dark Cubed. Take a look at the tough competition below: [...]

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A Characterization Of The Veteran Entrepreneur

Veteran entrepreneurs get sh*t done. I see it every day. I listened to a nice podcast this week from a16z — “Teams, Trust, and Object Lessons.” Ben Horowitz, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, spoke with Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter, on why veterans make good hires due to their military experience. This took place before a [...]

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The World’s Greatest Lie

Breaking through and achieving success is easier said than done, especially as an entrepreneur. I’ve found that more often than not founders are faced with a choice: allow developments to determine the company’s path or fulfill your vision without being hindered by a fear of failure. Your decision makes all the difference between succeeding and [...]

Bunker Labs DC Announces Judges For Bunker Battle

Bunker Labs DC is hosting a pitch competition, Bunker Battle, in Washington, DC Wednesday at 1776 for Patriot Boot Camp and Bunkers across the country. Military active duty, veteran, spouse and select community civilians will compete head-to-head in a 3-Round Bracket-Style pitch competition for a winner-takes-all $25K purse and more. This past week the first [...]

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How To Master Your 2 minute Video Pitch

Public speaking has the highest ROI with the lowest amount of exertion. Speaking on camera is no different. The main reason for perfecting a video pitch is because it provides context where a deck doesn’t which might come in handy when applying to an accelerator or a pitch competition. Recording, reproducing or broadcasting a pitch [...]

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SXSW: The Genius Of FOMO

I recently fell victim to FOMO. You know — “Fear Of Missing Out.” The anxiety that an exciting or intriguing event is happening elsewhere. This recently occured for me at SXSW Interactive. This wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced FOMO, however, this was the first time I’ve experienced repeated blows of FOMO within a short time period. [...]

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