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Veteran Spotlight: NYC Macy’s Makeover

Veteran Spotlight: NYC Macy’s Makeover Get out your tissues! You’re about to experience an emotional voyage. Bunker Labs has partnered with Macy’s MyStylist team to supply military veterans in the Bunker Labs community with a whole new look, which will enhance their personal brand, increase their confidence, and help [...]

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Macy’s Big Give Back: Salute Those Who Serve

Macy's Big Give Back Campaign Get 25% off at Macy’s for doing absolutely nothing! Ok, not nothing. Macy’s Big Give Back Campaign wants to give back to military veterans and their families by means of a small donation from individuals like you. Let’s get involved. How It Works Want [...]

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Innovator Health Brings Quality Healthcare to Underserved Communities

In 2015, Dr. Darren J. Sommer founded Innovator Health, LLC after realizing that the telemedicine marketplace — an emerging field where health practitioners use telecommunications technology to remotely diagnose and treat patients — wasn’t helping to foster strong physician-patient relationships. According to a 2014 study by the Department of [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Chicago Muster

Over the past three years, thousands of veteran entrepreneurs like yourself have tapped into the resources of the Bunker Labs community, and as a result, taken their businesses to the next level. By attending the 2018 Chicago Muster, you'll join their ranks and gain the following five benefits: 1. Learn [...]

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How to Produce a Multi-Camera Live Show

In an era of neverending notifications and constant content overload, livestreaming has emerged as an unparalleled platform for capturing viewer attention. The statistics speak for themselves. For starters, on social media alone, videos are shared 1,200% more often than posts containing text and images combined. Live-streamed video offers even stronger [...]

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