The City in a Forest

Your Ambassadors | Atlanta

Contact these individuals if you have any questions about the Atlanta Community or Bunker Labs in general. 

Featured Cohort Member

Gable Eaton

TeqTouch | Veterans in Residence 21A

After serving 4 years in the United States Marine Corps, Gable Eaton entered into operations management, successfully managing two trucking companies and a national moving chain. He founded TeqTouch in 2017, moving his company from Seattle, WA to startup friendly Tennessee where he launched in 2018. Gable is now scaling his company into a national business operation.

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Bunker Labs Programs 

These are the bunker labs programs available in The City in a Forest.

Veterans in Residence

Learn with your team

CEO Circle

Join an elite group of leaders

Bunker Connect

Make meaningful connections

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Community News | Atlanta

This community is waiting on its next big piece of news. While you’re waiting, why not read about what Bunker Labs is doing across the Nation.

Community Events | Atlanta

There are currently no events scheduled for this community. Please check again later, or contact your ambassadors if you’d like to help host an event or get an existing event onto the schedule.

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