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Ready to Launch your Business in 2017? Take the Entrepreneur Challenge

Thinking about starting a business?

Bunker In a BoxCheck out Bunker In A Box! Available from anywhere you have an internet connection, come learn about what it takes to start, run, and grow a successful business.

Bunker in a Box is designed as a fun, interactive introduction to entrepreneurship. It offers over 1,000 hours of curated content, divided into 14 missions. Within each mission you earn points for completing relevant exercises like listening to podcasts, reading articles, watching videos, and more.

Bunker in a box entrepreneurship missions25% of those leaving the military want to start their own business — you may be one of them. So naturally updating and re-launching our veteran entrepreneurship e-learning challenge was first on our 2017 list to further support veterans as they learn the language of entrepreneurship.

Not only has the entire back-end been re-developed, we’ve also:

  • Made hundreds of hours of content updates
  • Included new founder interviews
  • Improved the overall user experience
  • With more updates planned throughout the year!

So go ahead, take the veteran entrepreneurship challenge.


Special thanks to the Bob Woodruff Foundation for supporting Bunker in a Box.

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