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Be a Community Leader

The Ambassador Program is a dynamic 12-month program of entrepreneurial servant-leaders connecting military community business owners in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. This volunteer role expands your professional network while supporting budding veteran-owned businesses in your community.



Entrepreneurial servant-leaders experienced in community building and facilitating discussions.


A volunteer role supporting and connecting local entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Bunker Labs communities nationwide.


Twelve-month commitments starting in June of each year.


Grow as a community leader while meaningfully impacting the lives of veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs.




Since I’ve been with Bunker Labs, my network has changed and I’ve connected with so many different people and customers.
Nathaniel Torres

Co-Founder, Lavi

As a Bunker Labs Ambassador, you get to help people overcome challenges and struggles and see those you’ve helped, help others.
Brandon Aaron

Co-Founder, Highr1

One of the benefits of being an Ambassador is being able to find ways to help one another and find resources and tools we can offer to each other.
Monica Fullerton

Founder, Spouse-ly

What I find most exciting about being involved with Bunker Labs is reconnecting with fellow veterans and other people who have similar experiences. It’s something I’ve missed dearly since checking out of the military.

Doug Bauer

Founder, Serac Technologies


Becoming an Ambassador means making a real commitment to volunteer a year of servant-leadership to your local entrepreneur community. You don’t necessarily have to be a veteran or an entrepreneur yourself to be an Ambassador, you just need to have a passion for helping people, a head for business, and enjoy problem-solving.

Ambassadors are, at their core, guides to their local business communities, and the glue that connects Bunker Labs’ cohorts across the country. It’s an opportunity to mentor early-stage entrepreneurs, while also learning and growing alongside them.

Being an Ambassador is a lot of work, but it’s also very rewarding work. You’re helping fellow Veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs build something for themselves, and you’re growing the local business community for your entire city. It’s an intrinsically rewarding pursuit, but it can also benefit your own current or future ventures.

Program Timeline:
Month 1
National Summit
Month 2-11
Facilitated monthly huddles
Quarterly in-person gatherings of all ambassadors and Bunker Labs stakeholders
Month 12
National Summit


Who is eligible to participate?

Community leaders interested in supporting veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses. You don’t necessarily have to have a military connection or be an entrepreneur, but you should have a passion and a drive to connect with and support both communities.

Do you have to be an existing member of the Bunker Labs community to apply?
You don’t, but prior to application engagement in the Bunker community is highly regarded.
Which cities have the program?
Across the country, check out the Communities page to see a full list of cities.
If there is no program near me, can I still apply?
We are always looking to expand to different cities. Once we’ve identified individuals who are interested in bringing Bunker Labs to their community, we’ll actively start building a community.
How big is each cohort?
Cohort sizes vary, but there are typically between 80-100. 2-3 Ambassadors per city.
How are participants selected?
There is an application process for all cohort members.
Do I need to be a military veteran to apply?
No, you don’t necessarily have to be a Veteran to be an Ambassador, you just need to have a passion for helping people, a head for business, and enjoy problem-solving.
I was rejected from the program in the past. Can I apply again?
Yes, we encourage you to apply again and to consider other Bunker Labs programming that may be a fit for you including Launch Lab Online, Veterans in Residence, and CEO Circle.
What are the criteria of competitive candidates?
Well qualified applicants should have an affinity for the military-connected community, experience in entrepreneurship, a track record of community building, and a familiarity with facilitating discussions
What’s in it for me?
  • Network with likeminded entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Learn how to start or grow your own business
  • Recognition as a local leader driving economic development
  • 4 fully covered in-person trainings and convenings
  • Dedicated WeWork office (If a location is reasonably near)
  • Professional Development
Is travel involved?
Yes. Bunker Labs will cover your travel expenses to Ambassador Program trainings and convenings.
The next cohort doesn’t start for months, what can I do in the meantime?
Engage with the community on Bunker Online.

Presenting Partners

This program is made possible in part by USAA, PWC Charitable Foundation, MetLife Foundation, Ford, Boeing